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July 30, 2007



I own a farmers market and we carry just about everything from a-z. Everything is seasonal if you have not noticed. When the tomato crop is over in Florida then the Alabama crop comes in, then Georgia, then Carolinas, and so on. The same with all the other fruits and vegetables. There is nothing deceiving about any of this especially if you put the country of origin on the sign. We carry California Lettuce because Florida lettuce does not hold up and when people come in to shop they want to shop for all their fresh produce needs they don’t want to buy all the item for their salad and then go to the grocery store just for the head of lettuce because it comes from California.
We also carry bananas, I don’t know of any local grown bananas anywhere in the US do you? They are all foreign. But I can provide them for ½ the price of what the grocery store charges so why not give my loyal customers a break. My Produce Market ( Stormans Produce) is located in Homosassa FL and we carry just about everything and we have been in business now for almost 20 years and our produce is local (Florida), also comes from other states and foreign when items are out of season here in the US and that is not deserving at all as long as you are not lying about where the produce is coming from and we do get our produce several times a week which is a lot more fresh because it is not purchased in huge lots and stored in huge warehouses and distributed to the store within the districts like Winn-Dixie, Wal-mart, sweet bay etc…. When they keep it in these warehouses they keep in cold storage too long and it dries out the fruit and the fruit never ripens and taste stale. That is why people prefer Produce markets because they know we buy more often and it is fresher than what is purchased in the Grocery store. Get your facts right and learn a bit about the produce before you speak next time.

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